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Interracial Couple

Serving Couples

We can often become overwhelmed by life's demands.
Many couples find they are stuck having the same argument over and over again, pointing fingers of blame and wondering how to get out of this routine. 
You may be wondering "how did we get here"?

You are not alone.

Imagine having the opportunity to experience a different kind of conversation with your husband/wife or partner. 
At Renew and Restore Counseling Center of Minnesota your relationship IS the client.
My passion is to work in collaboration with couples to renew and restore the emotional bond.
I believe the conflict and hurt we experience in relationships comes from feeling disconnected and unsupported when we most need it.
I provide a safe space where couples have opportunities:

  • to identify destructive patterns in their relationships
  • to set mutual goals
  • to learn communication skills and experience conflict resolution
  • to experience more helpful, loving interactions
  • to feel more connected
Not all couples therapy is the same.
My approach to couples counseling involves treating your relationship as the client. To serve the client I embrace an emotionally focused, experiential approach which allows the opportunity for in session experiences to increase communication skills and emotional bonding. I am currently in a course of Advanced Skills Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which expands my experience with couples and hones my skills as a therapist.

I want to help you resolve conflicts and experience more loving interactions. I believe that for counseling to be successful both you and your partner need to agree on a goal. Whether that is about strengthening your relationship or learning how to fight fair--both partners need to be willing to honestly look at this relationship and decide what's working, what needs some work and how you can stand together for change.

If you are ready to begin a way out of the cycle of blame and hurt Contact me for a free consultation.

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