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I offer couples compassionate care with empathy.

By asking, listening and watching without judgment, I can help you identify patterns, pains, and unmet needs in yourself and your relationship. Couples counseling can help individuals and partners navigate conflict or life transition, soothe anxiety or avoidance, and better manage stress or trauma. Going to therapy doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. We all have things we want to improve about ourselves and how we relate to others.

Couples therapy is good for everyone. 

*A couples counselor can help you:*

  • regulate emotions
  • improve communication
  • overcome barriers
  • heal past wounds
  • work together to resolve tensions

Are you noticing disconnection in your relationship? Does it seem like you get stuck in the same argument again and again? This doesn't have to mean the end. There is HOPE and HELP for couples struggling with the challenges of a long-term relationship

Let's explore the path of renewing and restoring your relationship. Your first step brought you here. Take the next step and contact me today for a free 20-minute couples counseling consultation.


Life can give us many challenges. "Adulting is hard" is true!
I provide services for individual adults that help you through challenging times and situations. I provide the opportunity for you to take the time to heal and grow in a space that is accepting and safe.

When we feel acceptance as an individual and start to accept ourselves, we can better face the challenges of life and create a path for change. 

Contact me today to begin this journey. You ARE worth it!

All services are exclusively online in Minnesota! I serve clients in and around Minneapolis, St. Paul, Woodbury, Edina, Plymouth, Rochester, and Minnetonka, and the northern suburbs such as Blaine, Centerville, Ham Lake, Forest Lake, and Lino Lakes. This allows you to attend therapy from home or office. All that is required is an internet connection and a space where your privacy can be preserved. 

*I am currently licensed to provide Telehealth Services to clients located in Minnesota.



Where Therapy Meets Convenience

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