Meet Your Therapist

Trista is a therapist specializing in individual and couples therapy. She maintains a private practice online in Minnesota. Her passion is helping people and it comes through in her warm and accepting style. She enjoys working with clients that have a desire for change and growth. Her kind manner helps clients achieve acceptance of themselves and encourages them in their goals. 

"Conflict in relationship is normal! I believe it can be an opportunity for growth. I help couples figure out how to get out of negative conflict cycles, hear each other's needs and experience deeper connection."

Trista has helped many couples that are struggling experience healing and connection in their relationships. She believes it is never too late to renew your relationship and she is up to the challenges that clients come to her with. Her clients find out quickly that she is all about meeting the relationship where it's at without judgment and supporting partners in their desire for connection. 

Trista is a fee for service therapist, which allows her to tailor her treatment to clients needs without the constraints of insurance requirements (see /self-pay-vs-insurance). She is also exclusively online. This makes therapy more convenient and accessible for your busy life!

Trista enjoys spending time with her wonderful family, including 3 amazing grandchildren. She also enjoys reading, dabbles in writing and painting and likes being on the water and in the garden (when it's warm!). 


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